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One Month Price History!

Hello there!

You can now view the price history of past month, instead of past one week, with the option of choosing a custom date range!

I am planning to add a login function next, which will have benefits for logged-in users.

I wish you all a happy new year!!

Birth of WoWAuctions

This is my first website. This is my first big project.

It started as an experimental python script to learn object oriented programming. Combined with my love for World of Warcraft and the auction house, it turned into this project.

After one year of keeping the website up under the name "", I decided to switch front-end technology from Astro to Next.js, and the name to "" for SEO reasons, and because overall its a better name. It gets right to the point :)

I also switched my server to a European location, which gets better latency, and much better performance all around. I think you will notice a big difference in how fast the pages load.

I plan on using this blog to share news about servers and development of the website.

If you have any feedback or recommendations, please tell me using the contact page!

Dive into the Riches of Azeroth

Calling all Gold Hunters! If the thrill of discovery and adventure beckons to you, this post is your treasure map. Explore the world of Azeroth as we reveal hidden farming spots for valuable resources, sought-after transmog items, and elusive mounts. From Scarlet Monastery to Blackrock Depths, uncover the secrets of efficient farming and embark on a journey to uncover the untold wealth of Classic WoW.

Sneak, Steal, and Succeed

Rogues in Classic WoW are notorious for their stealthy skills, and they can put those skills to lucrative use. In this post, we lift the veil on the shadowy strategies employed by Rogues to amass wealth. Learn how to effectively pickpocket, farm rare materials, and find secret treasures while staying hidden from prying eyes. Join the Rogues' Gallery and embark on a gold-making journey that will keep your pockets heavy and your enemies clueless.