Discord Bot

Discord bot is now available!

Click here for an invite!
You can use the button above to invite the bot into your channel.
Click here for admin commands. You can limit the searches in your Discord server to spesific realms using these.


  • /getprice <itemname>

    This command sends the price of the item to the channel.

    You will get autocomplete suggestions as you type the item name. Make sure you choose an item from the list. Alternatively, you can enter the in-game item ID (also called item entry) here.

  • /selectrealm

    This command saves your realm and faction choice.

    You need to select a server, realm, faction and an alias for your choice. Later on, this choice will be used when querying prices.

  • /deleterealm

    This command deletes one of your realm choices.

    You may add a realm choice using /selectrealm later.

  • /deleteallrealms

    WARNING! This command deletes ALL of your realm choices.

    You may add a realm choice using /selectrealm later.

Admin Commands

  • /setchanneldefault

    This command sets a default realm/faction for current Discord channel. Bot will use only this auction house, without asking.

  • /removechanneldefault

    Removes the limitation above.

  • /setdefaultnetwork

    This command sets a default network (like Blizzard, Turtle-WoW, ChromieCraft etc.) for current Discord server. Only realms in this network will be searchable.

    /setchanneldefault command is more powerful than this one.

  • /removedefaultnetwork

    Removes the limitation above.