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Scroll of Spirit VI icon

Scroll of Spirit VI

Scroll of Spirit VI
Requires Level 60
Item Level 70
Use: Increases the target's Spirit by 32 for 30 minutes .
Stackable: Up to 20
Vendor sell price:
2s 47c
Last scan of this AH: 15 minutes ago (2023-09-29 16:21:44 UTC)
Last seen this item: 15 minutes ago (2023-09-29 16:21:44 UTC)
This item is available from vendors in unlimited stock for
9s 90c
Available amount:

Average buyout of this scan:

2g 58s 43c

Weekly average price:

Minimum buyout:
2g 57s 65c
Minimum bid:
2g 25s 86c

Crafting Recipes

Scroll of Spirit VI

Produces 2 item(s)
Requires Inscription (295)
Shimmering Ink icon
Shimmering Ink
Heavy Parchment icon
Heavy Parchment
25s 0c
Missing prices for one or more reagents!
Total reagent cost:
25s 0c
(Prices are calculated for profits from 2 items.)
Profit (sold at avg price for last scan):
4g 91s 86c
Profit (sold at min price):
4g 90s 30c