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Arcanite Bar icon

Arcanite Bar

Arcanite Bar
Item Level 55
Stackable: Up to 20
Vendor sell price:
50s 0c
Last scan of this AH: 2 minutes ago (2023-12-03 03:27:28 UTC)
Last seen this item: 2 minutes ago (2023-12-03 03:27:28 UTC)
Available amount:

Average buyout of this scan:

38g 58s 37c

Weekly average price:

Minimum buyout:
35g 94s 98c
Minimum bid:
22g 75s 0c

Crafting Recipes

Transmute: Arcanite

Produces 1 item(s)
Requires Alchemy
Turns a bar of Thorium and an Arcane Crystal into Arcanite.
Thorium Bar icon
Thorium Bar
12s 45c
Arcane Crystal icon
Arcane Crystal
23g 48s 27c
Total reagent cost:
23g 60s 72c
Profit (sold at avg price for last scan):
14g 97s 65c
Profit (sold at min price):
12g 34s 26c