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Fel Iron Bomb

Fel Iron Bomb
Item Level 60
Use: Inflicts 330 to 770 Fire damage and incapacitates targets in a 15 yard radius for 3 seconds. Any damage will break the effect. Unreliable against targets higher than level 76.
Added in: Wrath of the Lich King
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Stackable: Up to 20
Vendor sell price:
25s 0c
Crafting Recipe
Wrath of the Lich King (1 Recipe)

Fel Iron Bomb

Produces 4 item(s)
Requires Engineering (300)
Fel Iron Casing icon
Fel Iron Casing
Handful of Fel Iron Bolts icon
Handful of Fel Iron Bolts
Elemental Blasting Powder icon
Elemental Blasting Powder
Mists of Pandaria (1 Recipe)
This item is available from vendors in unlimited stock for
1g 0s 0c
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